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Welcome to Legal Settlement Loans, the best source for the latest information on lawsuit settlement loans and lawsuit funding. Settlement loans are also known as lawsuit loans, lawsuit funding, and lawsuit cash advance. Legal Settlement Loans is designed to help plaintiffs in a pending lawsuit learn more about settlement loans. Our goal is to help plaintiffs make the right choice regarding settlement loans. We also equip you with the ability to apply for a settlement loan. Irrespective of the type of lawsuit case in which you’re involved, Legal Settlement Loans will help you obtain a lawsuit pre-settlement loan.

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You can begin your research into settlement loans by either continuing to read below or by using our navigational menu on the right. You’ll find all the necessary information you need to know about lawsuit loans, including the benefits of obtaining a settlement loan, settlement loans verus traditional loans, requirements to obtain a settlement loan and much more. There are many advantages to obtaining a settlement loan and we at Legal Settlement Loans want to help you make the best choice.

More about Settlement Loans & Lawsuit Loans

Understanding the concept of a settlement loan is quite simple. A settlement loan may also be referred to as a lawsuit loan, pre-settlement loan, lawsuit funding, and lawsuit cash advance. Regardless of the term used, the funding operates in the same way. Basically, a settlement loan is a non-recourse loan. A non-recourse loan is a secured-loan that collateralizes your lawsuit. With a lawsuit settlement loan, the collateral is the perceived value of your lawsuit. All settlement loan providers limit the amount advanced to a maximum of 10% of the claim’s value.

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A significant benefit of a settlement loan is the agreement between the plaintiff and the settlement loan provider. If the plaintiff doesn’t win the lawsuit for which the monies were obtained, the plaintiff is not required to repay the monies advanced! This means that you may use a settlement loan as a no-risk source of financial assistance during a pending lawsuit. If the plaintiff does win the lawsuit, the plaintiff repays the original settlement loan amount, plus the fees assessed due to the lawsuit’s inherent risk. There are many types of lawsuit cases for which a lawsuit loan may be obtained. In fact, for every type of lawsuit case imaginable, there is a settlement loan provider willing to advance funding. However, settlement loan providers do avoid to the extent possible frivolous lawsuits.
When applying for a pre-settlement lawsuit loan, the provider must review documents regarding your case and have an opportunity to speak with your attorney. You may expect the settlement loan provider to do a detailed-review of your pending lawsuit prior to either approving or denying your request. It’s a good idea to notify your attorney of your intention to obtain a lawsuit loan prior to applying for a settlement loan. You may learn more by using our navigational menu on the right. You may also apply online for a lawsuit settlement loan.

Is a Settlement Loan Right for Me?

This is the big question! Is a settlement loan right for me? A plaintiff may or may not need to apply for a pre-settlement loan. It’s not uncommon for plaintiffs in a pending lawsuit to lack an adeqaute income-stream. This is especially true with cases involving severe injuries and wrongful death.

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It should be noted that a pre-settlement loan doesn’t have any spending limitations. You’re not limited to how you may spend the money obtained from your lawsuit settlement loan. You may use the money to buy a new home, take a vacation or go on a shopping spree.

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Legal Settlement Loans is the plaintiff’s number one resource for information regarding settlement loans. We also provide lawsuit loan brokering services. You may apply for a settlement loan onlinewith Legal Settlement Loans and we’ll assist you in locating the settlement loan provider best-suited for your particular circumstances. If you have any questions or comments regarding Legal Settlement Loans, please

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